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ReactJS: A Frontend framework for Rapid and Scalable Web Development

ReactJS is a widely used Javascript Library that is used to create Web Frontend for an Application. React is used to create scalable Application as SPA (Single Page Application) , PWA (Progressive Web App), SSR (Server Side Rendering App). React is used to create Applications like E-Commerce, ERP Software Development, Crowdfunding Platform, E-Learning Softwares.

CodiFly as an orgranization is highly skilled in developing applications with ReactJS Framework. We have finished and delivered more then 20 SPA and PWAs based on ReactJS

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Development Flow with ReactJS

Idea into UI/UX

Customers exchange the idea with Lead and they get UI/UX design using figma done.

UI/UX To ReactJS Frontend

Our Frontend dev converts the Figma into frontend design.

ReactJS Hook up Backend

React App connects the secured cloud backend and database to let app think business logic.

QA and Deploy

Once QA and security testing done, the React App is ready to deploy.

The best of our latest accomplishments